Easy Scheduling

Scheduling is a headache. We are the NSAID.

When you can focus on teaching, and not scheduling, everyone benefits. We keep track of how many people can be where and when, and make it easy for you and your students to schedule their time.

Auto Notifications

End confusion over who's supposed to be where, and stop calls from irate clinical coordinators!

cliniTrack EMS automatically notifies your clinical and field sites of upcoming rotations, so they know who's who, what they can do, and why they're there. Whew.

Customize Your Course

You expect more from your students than most, and your students deliver.

Why should you be limited in how you track and manage your individual course requirements? cliniTrack EMS lets you create fully customizable sets of requirements for each course, and tracks progress in real-time.

Complete Patient Charts

Your students experience more than the "most significant" set of vital signs.

Shouldn't their documentation reflect that? cliniTrack EMS allows your students to enter the entire patient chart, including attaching any type of digital file for later review.

Social Sharing

Case-based learning is important, but there's just not enough classroom time.

Only cliniTrack EMS allows your students and instructors to share interesting patient charts with the class, and promotes online conversation and learning.

Accreditation Support

CoAEMSP accreditation is one of the most stressful times for an educator.

Lets us help by doing the math for you, and generating serveral of your CSSR matricies automatically.

But wait, there's more!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a hands-on demo is worth a thousand pictures. There are many, many more features than we can put on a page, so feel free to play around with our live demo to get a feel for cliniTrack EMS, then contact us to get your very own account and 5 free student licenses!

What others are saying

  • Your support staff has been extremely efficient in answering my questions and in changing things as quickly as possible.– Bernadette Cekuta
  • The feedback has been very positive (mostly from the students that no longer have to use FISDAP!).– Seth Goldstein, SUNY Dutchess
  • This is... Well, awesome!– Jeff "Soupy" Sayles, CCEMT-P

Get Started

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  • Send us an email at info@fusionpublicsafety.com or call us at (804) 396-4EMS and we'll set up your educator account with 5 free student licenses to test it out!